Company History

We are edugate; a subsidiary of infinitizon with the mission to increase interaction in the classroom and help raise the quality of education.

Edugate builds educational software to simplify the life of institution administrators and teachers so that they can focus on the most important thing: educating our children. We are bridging the digital divide in education by offering edugate Core as open source and selling premium product and services at affordable pricing.

We have passion for improving quality of education and have taken it upon ourselves to help educators with the best of teaching aid through an all encompassing software/technology that works

We pride ourselves as a team of young people intending to provide a cost effective, affordable and innovate approach to learning for both educators, students and parents within Nigeria and beyond

Edugate is an all-in-one software to manage schools and colleges. It has everything your institution will ever need. Gradebook, parent teacher collaboration, attendance, fee management and 20+ feature rich modules. Automate everything, generate insightful reports, make better decisions.

Edugate Nigeria short logo Edugate 1.2 Edugate 1.2 released with extensive new functionality. A new icon set was designed. Major enhancements implemented in the Account Module.
Jan 2018
Edugate in the beginning

Major improvements done on the application to make it a true ERP-SMS system. Also rebranded as edugate with core modules set. Successful test run happened in The Child School ikorodu, then later Theotal International Schools

Jan 2017

Started development of custom student information system for a school; The child school, Ikorodu-Lagos, Nigeria. Initially named as SchoolApp. Focus on simplicity and usability.

Apr 2016
Infinitizon launch

Official Launch of infinitizon. Founded as a result of the passion to build quality software with a special focus on creativity.

Feb 2011